Noah's Ark - Shoshanguwe

Noah is one of the largest Non Profit organizations in South Africa that care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) with various branches all over the country. Their branches are referred to as Arks and are formed to provide a support structure for extended families caring for vulnerable children. Arks are made up of:

  • a committee of community members,
  • a core group of Noah volunteers, and
  • an Ark Manager (appointed by the community).

An Ark Development Officer/ADO (from the Noah head office) supports each Ark. The ADOs, along with head office mentoring, provide Arks with support to develop sustainable practices and form networks within the broader community.

Arks do not have to be physical structures, but dedicated resource centres do exist. Many Arks also operate out of school classrooms and community facilities in order to have an identifiable base in the community.

The Shoshanguwe Ark operates from a local school in Shoshanguwe and currently support approximately 200 children of various ages. For monthly sponsorships of this project click on the Sponsor button below. For once off donations click on the Donate button below.

Please also bear in mind that these children have many basic needs and a lot of “old” things for us are very valuable for these children such as old toys, blankets, sports equipment and clothes, to name but a few. Should you wish to donate any such items these can be dropped off at Diep in die Berg Conference and Function Centre, 929 Disselboom Street, Wapadrand, Pretoria. For large volumes of items we will also collect so contact us on +27 12 807 4630 .