Award for Ndlovu


Martin Buber (1878-1965) was a Jewish Philosopher well known for his “You and I dialogue principle” (Ich und Du Dialogischen Prinzip). This specifically implies to listen to the other, trying to understand the other and make the other and yourself responsible for better communication and interaction through dialogue. This interactive dialogue should synergise powers to improve the situation in the world at all levels.

Since 2002 the Martin Buber Plaquette is annually awarded to nominee's who have contributed through interaction and dialogue to the improvement of circumstances in world politics, socio-cultural circumstances, poverty alleviation, improvement of health service delivery and/or any important field focused on the Millennium Development Goals. Liesje and Hugo have been awarded the Martin Buber Plaquette for their outstanding and longstanding achievements in the community work they perform. They are working in the rural areas hardest struck by South Africa's inequality demonstrated through the lack of infrastructure. The Ndlovu Care Group they initiated, tries to improve rural areas in the fields of health service delivery, the fight against Tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS, the child care programs NCG initiated and all their poverty alleviation programs.

In their response they acclaimed that “the Martin Buber Plaquette is a great recognition: it shows that people can make a difference but it takes a Team to change a community”.

Liesje Tempelman: “The Martin Buber Plaquette is the result of a team effort of beautiful people standing together to show the world that through dialogue, cooperation and passion we can contribute towards our own improvement, prosperity and future”.

Holders of the Martin Buber-Award

2009: Dr. Hugo Tempelman en Liesje Tempelman

2008: Michael Gorbachov: Former President of the Soviet-Republic and President of the Gorbachov Foundation

2008: Irina Virganskaya: Vice President of the Gorbachov Foundation 2008: and President of the Raisa Maximovna Clubs

2007: Waris Dirie, UN-Special Ambassador

2006: Klaus Maria Brandauer, Founder of the Karin-Brandauer-Stiftung

2005: Herman van Veen, Founder of the Herman van Veen Foundation

2004: Karlheinz Böhm, Founder of the Foundation 'Menschen für Menschen'

2003: Dr. Richard von Weizsäcker, Former President of the Federal Republic of Germany

2002: Helmut Schmidt, Former President of the Federal Republic of Germany