Welcome to Champs


Champ is a charity organisation formed out of a need to raise funds and create awareness of vulnerable children in South Africa. All over the world children are left vulnerable due to socio-economic circumstances and many other reasons.

Few countries however are faced with such a level as South Africa. Communities have been devastated due to HIV/AIDS which has literally wiped out a generation of parents. Vulnerable children are left behind to look after themselves and their siblings and there are no adequate structures in place, Governmental or otherwise, to take care of these children.

The needs of these children are for the most basic things such as water, food and shelter but also for love and acceptance. We aim to create awareness through events and various campaigns to raise funds that can be used to make an impact on their daily lives.

We, together with our partners, wish to combine our resources in order to provide a platform for charity organisations to promote their cause for vulnerable children and also to identify and support specific projects that Champ wishes to support.

Our aim is to enable you to identify projects where you can get involved. You can make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable children by donating funds or goods or sponsoring these children or OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) projects.

All donations and sponsorships received will be transferred to the selected project or charity organisation of your choice. Our partners have sponsored all costs of Champ. We guarantee that 100% of your funds received will be transferred to the correct charity where it can be used for its designated purpose.



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